Cloud9 - Jonathan Taylor

Cloud 9 Photography is a specialist architectural photography company based in Leeds, UK with an international reputation for producing the highest quality architectural imagery. This project to photograph Cars of the World came from my continuous travels around the globe and my lifelong love of the automobile.

In 2014 I published a book on Cuban Cars and architecture, photographed in Havana. I was keen to document, not only the 1950s American classics of tourist posters, but also the almost un-photographed Ladas and Moskvitchs that are a Caribbean legacy from the final years of the Cold War era. All the cars are set against the fascinating architecture of Havana, ranging from the classic run-down colonial buildings through art deco to the concrete brutalism of a planned socialist economy. Plans are afoot to exhibit the Cuban images in Havana.

My project for 2015/16 is The Cars of Iceland. I initially went to document the amazing balloon-tyred superjeeps, but once I got into the whole car culture of Iceland, I realised that there were many other things to interest the car geek in me. For instance, there is a legacy of classic American motors from when the US had an air base in Keflavik. Up on the side of a volcano you’ll find Formula 4×4 jeeps with 900bhp engines attempting to conquer the most unlikely of slopes, and in downtown Reykjavik there is a culture among the youth of driving big BMW saloons while their UK counterparts have to make do with a Citroen Saxo and a few LED trim lights. These images will be displayed in a major outdoor exhibition in Reykjavik from July 20th 2016 a;pmg wth the launch of the Cars of Iceland book.

After Iceland we’re heading to Japan where I have already been on a reconnaissance visit to try and get a handle on their car culture. I visited the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show where the major Japanese manufacturers all try to outdo each other with their latest concept cars. We also went to the end of season D1GP Drift Car Race where the star of the show was the amazing Lamborghini Murcielago.

Cars of England is an on-going project, which I hope to develop into a particular sub-culture project in the near future for a UK based exhibition.

Cars of New York are the images from a recent trip to the Big Apple where I captured these shots on a compact camera just to test out some of my ideas and to see if this would make a fully-fledged book and exhibition.

Finally, Cars of my Past is a look back to the wonderful world of car photography of the 1970’s and 80’s where the sun was always setting, and the model poses were pure Barbie & Ken. Enjoy.